In our lives are inseparable from the charger, with the development of society, there has been a very practical solar charger, from the name sounds like it is charged by solar energy, so today’s miniature to share what brand of solar charger is good and how to choose solar charger.

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1, Efficiency
Efficiency includes two aspects: conversion efficiency of solar panels and secondary conversion efficiency, the conversion efficiency of solar panels, refers to the conversion of light energy into electricity efficiency, and secondary conversion efficiency refers to the efficiency of light energy into electricity, stored in the battery efficiency.
2. battery quality and capacity
The capacity of the battery is generally 1.2 times the capacity of the mobile phone battery, this kind of solar power to generate enough electricity for our mobile phone, so that the large battery can be full of mobile phone batteries, and the quality of the battery is also related to the life of the solar charger.
3. solar panels
Solar cell phone charger can only be used in an emergency, can not rely entirely on it to charge mobile phones and other digital products, if you want to fully charge the phone, the general solar cell phone charger needs more than 0.7W solar panels.

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