There are four key points of Solar Car Battery Charger

First, the efficiency of use. The efficiency includes two aspects: the conversion efficiency of solar panels and the efficiency of the two conversions. The conversion efficiency of solar panels, as the name implies, refers to the efficiency of light energy into electricity; and secondary conversion efficiency refers to the efficiency of light energy into electricity, stored on the battery.

Second, the quality and capacity of the battery. The capacity of the battery is 1.2 times that of your mobile phone battery. Solar built-in lithium-ion batteries discharged to digital products such as mobile phones, energy conversion process will be an energy loss, the conversion rate is generally 80% – 90% so that solar power can be used for your mobile phone so that the large battery can fill your mobile phone battery. The quality of the battery is also related to the life of the solar charger.

Thirdly, control circuit and protection circuit. The current solar cell phone chargers on the market are complex, and their protection and control circuits may be simple to design, or poor compatibility, easy to damage the cell phone or shorten the life of the cell phone and battery. So the design of the control circuit and protection circuit is very important.

Fourth, solar charger accessories. This problem is often ignored by many users, but it can not be ignored. There are some bad suppliers in the market to configure inferior accessories for price advantages, such as AC charger (commonly known as the Buffalo), AC charger with IC protection circuit or no IC protection circuit two. The AC charger without protection IC not only has low charging current and long charging time but also has hidden troubles. Special attention should be paid when choosing solar charger. AC charger has circuit IC protection.

Solar cell phone charger can only be used in emergencies, can not rely entirely on it to charge mobile phones and other digital products, if you want to fully charge the mobile phone, the general mobile phone needs solar cell charger solar panels greater than 0.7W.

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