Dartford and Welling, Kent – Any good driver would know that their driving technique affects their vehicle’s lifespan. Sadly, most car owners don’t pay too much attention to their damaging driving skills and pull up to their trusted garages in Kent with several complaints about their cars.

While the pros working in the garages in Dartford will gladly service your vehicles and do the necessary repairs, they also have a few tips to give to drivers. Here are the 11 common driving mistakes that slowly damage your vehicle:

Starting the car wrong is a very common and damaging mistake

Let the car warm up for 30 seconds, but do not rev the engine excessively because the shift in temperature will damage the engine.

Using all car accessories while warming the engine is a big mistake

Make sure you turn off everything that uses power from the air conditioner, the wipers, and the radio while warming up the car. While this is an old practice, it surely can help you stretch the lifespan of your car.

Never ride the clutch

Riding the clutch while waiting for the stoplight to change damages the pressure plate and reduces the lifespan of the clutch.

Never Run Near Empty

Running near empty sounds like a good way to save on fuel costs, but it can be damaging to the gas tank. Low petrol levels result in faster tank overheating which is dangerous and damaging.

Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating is never a good driving practice. Traffic is time-consuming and you want to inch closer to your destination, but tailgating only leads to accidents. Your reaction time is gravely affected leaving you vulnerable to crashes and other car damages.

Regular Maintenance Can Save Your Car And Wallet

Skipping the routine maintenance car checks offered by garages in Kent will only lead to trouble. Head on to our garage the moment you notice something is off with your vehicle

Watch Out For Potholes And Speed Bumps

Racing over potholes and speed bumps causes more damage than you think. Slow down when approaching bumps and holes to avoid suspension and wheel damage.

Hands Off The Gear Stick

Stop using the shifter as your hand rest right away. The added weight will affect the vehicle’s transmission and will cause early wear and tear.

Overloading Is A Bad Idea

Overloading your car to save on fuel is actually another driving mistake that you should avoid from now on. The extra weight takes a toll on your car’s suspension and will result in misalignment and trouble in the near future.

Be Smooth All The Time

Sudden braking wears out the brake pads prematurely which will put you and everyone in the road at risk.

Accelerating suddenly will also wear down the vehicle, so avoid this as much as possible.

Drive Smartly

Driving safely is always the primary concern of everyone, but driving smartly will actually enhance the safety of your vehicle. Never rush while on the road and always pay attention to what your vehicle is trying to tell you. Ignoring the small problems will eventually lead to bigger and more expensive repairs in the near future.

Whether a car problem pops up because of normal wear or tear or because of bad driving habits, it is also important that you have go-to garages in Dartford or garages in Kent to fix your ride.

“Our mechanics are well-trained to handle any kind of car issues. Whether you have car AC problems, clutch issues, or if you need crash repair, we got your back,” says a Claremont representative.

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