A New Android App Launch

SURAT, INDIA- October 13, 2018, a leading IT organization Greencom Ebizz Infotech announced another application with new fresh thought named My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management.

Recently, shopping is a typical leisure activity for some, we don’t have enough time to organize our stuff properly. A large number of us forget the date of the guarantee of the item, some forget the cost and some are oblivious to the point, that they even don’t recall what had purchased. For every one of these issues, My Stuff Organizer is the best solution.

This Personal Stuff organizer application gives easy to understand approaches to save a product with the picture.

Some astonishing highlights to help organize the information:

✨ Easily keep a track of all your stuff with our application
✨ Get to know your stuff age
✨ Add the price you paid for it
✨ Add the Purchase Date
✨ Add Warranty details
✨ Additional details inside
✨ Add your favorite things

Alongside, you can delete any stuff from the application whose guarantee time is finished or item is not any more useful.

Suresh Kalathiya, CEO of Ebizzinfotech communicated: “In this fast technical era, nobody has sufficient time to take pen and paper wherever to note down the data about the item. For this evergreen issue, My Stuff is the perfect permanent solution”.

When questioned further, he stated, “for clients, we have some more amazement i.e. a couple of applications especially Popup Dictionary and Horror Stories are in the lineup for future dispatches on Google Play Store”.