Mayur, the prestigious manufacturer of Mayur jugs and the no.1 seller of the commercial Jugs, thermoware products across India has launched a new range of Cube stainless steel casserole in market.

Named after famous cities of various countries such as Sydney, Wembley, Aukland, Darwin and Tessla, these sets are covered with Satin Silk packaging and having a terrific look. These are available in different sizes of Rs1200, 1800, 2500, 2800.

While launching and introducing the product, Mr. Rohit Bhatia, Managing Director, Mayur, which said, “Mayur has set a benchmark in launching industry ground breaking products including –Satin silk Covered packing. The only company to do so in their industry. They are constantly delivering innovative products successfully for the last 50 years. These Casseroles are not only Robust but also long lasting and within ones budget, taking the Mayur Legacy forward”

Available between a range of Rs 500 to Rs2500- the Cube range of Stainless steel Casserolesare available with twin hands with convenient turn& lift covers.

Widely used in not just Homes but also Hotels, Canteens, Restaurants, Food Stalls, Hospitals Mayur products include Water Jugs, Mayur Jug, Camper, Insulated Water Jug & Icebox, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Casseroles, Flasks, Thermo Flask, Vacuum Stainless Steel Flask, Gift Sets, Thermo Ware Products, Tiffins among others, are made up of top quality material, the products have the ability to match international standards thus, etc.

About Mayur
Started In 1968 by “Mayur were the first to introduce Thermoware jugs in India, giving it the name – Mayur, which today has become a generic name for all water jugs. The brand today has becom a quality benchmark for Jug manufacturers in India. For further details please visit