Kornit Digital, a manufacturer and marketer of industrial digital printing technologies for the apparel and textile industries, head quartered at Israel, is going to host a webinar along with Fibre2Fashion.com to let garment makers know how they can meet their customers’ demand in the most cost-effective manner. The webinar will be conducted by Sharon Donovich, the company’s senior product marketing manager, Direct-to-Fabric.
Titled ‘Shorter run times, zero inventory and on-demand production is the way ahead’, the webinar will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018, at 11.30 a.m. Indian Standard Time (IST).

With Industry 4.0 gearing up all over, the textile industry is now expected to respond to trends and customer needs in no time, shorter runs, one-offs and the ability to print on demand. This is driving the ‘Micro-Factory’ concept.

Therefore, the need of the hour today is: to stay in line with the current market trends in the era of fast fashion; to meet customers’ demand with best-in-class quality and wider range of options; to reduce run-time and meet the deadlines; to adopt more sustainable yet cost-effective techniques with zero wastage; to cut short on-hand inventory; to reduce dependency on external processes of pre-treatment, washing and steaming; and to adopt more automated production process.

While all of these sounds too good to be true, the webinar will explain how manufacturers can gain agility in their production process with Kornit’s ‘micro-factory’ that enables design-to-finished-garment production workflow.

Donovich is an experienced product marketing manager with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial printing and textiles industries. She is a strong marketing professional skilled in product lifecycle management (PLM), print management, pre-press, digital printing, and document management.

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