It is extremely important to select a reliable and appropriate ELD solution. If you make the right choice, you will streamline compliance, ensure safety, and maximize profits.

Nevertheless, as there are so many ELD providers on the market, it will require much effort and experience to choose the proper one.

In our guide, you can find the main factors to consider before buying ELDs.

1. FMCSA-certified ELD solution
The FMCSA’s list of registered ELD solutions is the best idea to start picking out a verified and compliant ELD provider. On the FMCSA website, you can also find “Choosing an Electronic Logging Device Checklist”. Asking questions from the checklist will help you understand, if the devices of your current or potential ELD provider meet all the specifications contained in the rule.

2. One universal device
The fleet often comprises various types of vehicles. We recommend you to look for a device that can be used in any class of trucks and thereby minimize the cost of implementation.

Besides, using multiple solutions means that all your employees have to know how to implement and operate them. At least, use one universal device in all vehicles to make the entire solution less complicated.

3. Plug-and-play
Simple installation and removal processes save your time and influence beneficially on the overall ELD implementation procedure. Before making a final decision, ask how much time the installation procedure takes. A plug-and-play solution streamlines the process, sometimes getting you compliant in minutes, not hours or even days.

4. Easy to use
Successful implementation of any technology depends on your employees’ ability to use it. If it’s not intuitive and requires a lot of constant training, it will not work.

Drivers need an application that makes it extremely easy to change their status, complete vehicle inspections, and quickly provide roadside inspectors with compliance reports.

The ELD solution must offer an understandable interface that is easy to operate. It should make the job of drivers and fleet managers much easier.

5. Up-to-date solution
If the government changes regulations or releases a new one, it’s significant to ensure the solution remains compliant. We recommend you to choose an ELD vendor that is able to update the product following new rulesets.

6. Mobile friendly
Another option you should check is if the ELD supports iOS and Android.

You should make your choice between Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and in-cab fixed ELD solutions. A BYOD-based system is often cheaper, because it involves drivers` mobile devices, and you won’t have to buy a new display device.

Compatibility with a smartphone gives convenience as mobile devices are used for many different goals.

7. Reasonable price
Cost is a significant factor for any fleet. The prices can differ widely among various ELD companies on the market and can become confusing. The right way is to find the most cost-effective and sophisticated ELD solution that makes your fleet compliant and maximizes profits.

We also recommend you to take the ELD as an investment, not just as outgoings. An effective solution will provide your company with far more advantages and opportunities for fleet savings in the long run. For instance, preventing your company from violation will mean a cost recovery of the solution.

8. Advanced features
Choose a solution that can be upgraded with additional features such as Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), IFTA support, etc. Due to advanced possibilities, you can improve your ELD compliance for considerable productiveness and economy. Overreach HOS and find out how the advanced solution can expand other aspects of your business.

9. Trial program
Many ELD companies provide a trial program where you can check a few of their devices in your fleet for estimation reasons. Some ELD providers offer their services on the demo units for a charge; others provide the whole experience for free. Either way, spend a few weeks to try out the product – your time and money are worth it.

Apollo ELD solution based on Wialon system – the proper tool for your ELD needs.

Apollo ELD is a certified solution published on the FMCSA website. Using it, carriers meet the new mandate requirements and at the same time stay adaptable to cope with real clients’ requests.

• Second ELD provider listed by FMCSA
• ~2000 daily active carriers (fleet sizes ranging from 10 to 500+ drivers)
• Around 15 different ECM devices supported
• Bluetooth and Wired solutions
• Android and iOS
• Multiple rulesets available.