A big part of dressing up is, in fact, managing the hair appropriately. If they are disheveled at any point in time it can go a long way to spoil your look.

It is precise with this end in view that the use of accessories come in. They are beautiful in themselves as they wonderfully add to the beauty while managing them superbly.

Different Types of Accessories

There is a range of different hair accessories that are widely available for different kinds of hair styling and dressing. Some of these are described here below. This is a basic form of hair accessory used to fasten strands of hair and allow it to stay firm. These are made from metals and plastics alike and are available in attractive designs and shapes as well. Little girls may also find these amusing as hair clips with cartoon designs and animal shapes are available too.


The conventional use of a headband is mostly to keep the hair falling on the face especially when you are working or reading. However, these are also appropriately used at the time of a wedding dress up for a bride.

There are various ways that a headband is accentuated in its appeal with metal base and stone embellishments to give them that gorgeous look.

Simple conventional headbands too look attractive and smart in different colours and patterns on them. This is a beautiful add-on to a hair styling during the time of weddings. You may have seen beautiful and coordinated shades of hair flowers on the bride and even the bridesmaids. These are matched and adjusted with the colors of the apparels.

Hair flowers are usually made of fabrics like silk and satin with additional embellishments with pearls, beads and net.

Hair Claws These hair accessories are shaped like a smaller sized comb. The claws of the comb are bound at one end by a flattened base that is used to insert the hair claws into the hair to affix it.

The flat base of the hair claws is the part that is seen on the surface of the hair. And it is this part that is usually embellished. There are stone and beads that are often used as part of the same. Hairstyling is often done in the form of a bun or any other design. And in this, there are bridal hair clips(https://www.cosyjewelry.com/bridal-wedding-flower-hair-clips-c-1_6/) that are used to hold it in a design. There are simple and plain designs in wedding hair clip(https://www.cosyjewelry.com/bridal-wedding-flower-hair-clips-c-1_6/) that are available.