Friedberg/Germany, October 17th 2018. Tichawa Vision GmbH is represented at this year’s Vision show with an innovation. The expert for high-precision CIS sensors for quality control of industrial products presents the CIS product family based on the Diamond Sensor for the first time. With a line rate of up to 1,000 kHz, the award-winning CIS sensor enables extremely fast scanning for web inspection of high-speed processes. At booth 1H42 in hall 1 Tichawa will also show live demonstrations of the VTCIS with integrated white balance and the award-winning VDCIS with a working distance of 60 mm and a depth of field of 15 mm. The Vision will take place from 6th to 8th of November 2018 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center.

The Contact Image Sensors (CIS) from Tichawa have been established on the market as an alternative to conventional line scan cameras as industrial scanners for demanding inspection tasks long ago. Due to the continuous further development of its CIS sensors for industrial quality control the Friedberg-based manufacturer will again be represented at Vision 2018 with a novelty. For the first time, it will present the CIS product family based on the Diamond Sensor chip.

Advantage using innovative technology

The main features of the sensor, which scans at a line rate of up to 1,000 kHz, are a pixel array with high signal pre-processing (Correlated Double Sampling CDS plus on-chip linearization) and around 1,000 ADC stages (Analog Digital Converter) with downstream serializers. The sensor also features 17 LVDS drivers, each with 622 Mbaud for total data rates of over 10 Gbaud. Even at extreme web speeds of 21 m/sec (1,260 m/min), which are common e.g. in vacuum coating, the CIS achieves a high resolution of 1,200 dpi. The correlated double scanning results in a dynamic range of over 60 dB with ADC resolution of up to 13 bits for density measuring in the printing industry. The Diamond Sensor also supports the ROIs (Regions of Interest) function for extraction of the relevant image content.

More CIS sensors in action

In addition, Tichawa will demonstrate the recently launched VDCIS and VTCIS models at its booth. The VDCIS is specially designed for the surface inspection of highly profiled objects. It enables a working distance of up to 60 mm from the test object to the sensor window and at the same time offers a depth of field of 15 mm. The slim and very compact sensor is available in switchable resolution (250 to 1,000 dpi) and with RGB and monochrome (black/white) illumination combinations.

The VTCIS with integrated white balance can also be seen live. In terms of compactness and scanning speed, it is one of the market-leading camera systems for quality control. The VTCIS has an outstanding line rate of up to 30 kHz. It is able to change its resolution (300, 600, 1,200dpi) and illumination (monochrome/RGB) during operation. This allows different views of parts of the same object with switchable resolutions and colors, even at high transport speeds and scanning widths.

Visit Tichawa at Vision 2018 in Stuttgart, hall 1, booth 1H42.