Sygma Solutions is the leading provider of CAT and Genny training in the UK and is a CITB Approved Training Organisation. The courses are also approved by The Survey Association. The courses offered are from a one-day training course through to a five-day Utility Surveyor Course which includes Cable Avoidance Training with pas128 and level 3 qualification in utility mapping, enabling operatives to obtain a CSCS card.

Traditional cable avoidance courses are often based on the knowledge of power and passive use, but at Sygma Solutions it is believed that the training should always start with the use of the signal generator (Genny) and it is the primary piece of equipment to use on site. Sygma Solutions has worldwide experience working with cable locator manufacturers and has a partner company which services and calibrates cable locator equipment. The training includes use of the Radiodetection CAT 4 and Genny 4, the RD8100 Vivax, Vscan, and Vloc locators, and C Scope locators.

Sygma Solutions has now been appointed as the sole UK distributor for the Mala Easy Locator (GPR) System. The original Mala Easy Locator became the industry standard, and Mala has now produced the Easy Locator HDR (High Dynamic Range). This model is even faster, easier to use, and is more powerful, delivering cleaner data with more detail at a penetration depth 20% greater than other systems.

In recent years, advanced technology has resulted in the ever-increasing use of non-metallic materials in underground services. Conventional tools for locating these do not provide the same information as the Mala range. In fact, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is the only technology available today that does not require either electromagnetic radiation from the utility nor does it require some form of connection to the utility.

At first glance, the Mala Easy Locator HDR looks very similar to the earlier Easy Locator models, and it maintains the well-known look and feel. However, it now has a continuous run time of up to 14 hours and the user interface is even simpler and clearer than the earlier models. It provides a major improvement in speed and the quality of the data. It also comes with a built-in DGPS receiver which makes the positioning of identified utilities that much simpler.

The Mala Easy Locator HDR is folds for simple transport in an estate car and is very easy and quick to set up. It can hold up to four batteries running for a total of up to 14 hours, so there is no need to swap batteries over. It has very simple one-button operation, and most importantly can identify and locate both metallic and non-metallic utilities. There is real-time zoom, so there is no need to set a window for depth. It provides on-site marking of utilities and other objects and has a back-up cursor for accurate and quick marking. It can also support multiple different languages. There is even a special cart option for rough terrain. Perhaps equally importantly, the Mala HDR range has maintained the price levels of previous products.

Sygma Solutions can also offer five almost new Mala Easy Locator units for hire. They have the very latest software and supporting GPS together with the 3D grid option. When you consider the potential of the Mala Easy locator system, the hire rates from Sygma Solutions cannot be beaten by any comparable equipment.

Furthermore, if you wish to purchase a Mala Easy Locator, Sygma Solutions can offer incredible deals because of the present exchange rate of the GBP to the Euro. The company also repairs and services all Mala Easy Locators and provides a full service for just £350. In addition, the company can now provide servicing for the full range of Radiodetection equipment, so covering all your locator equipment requirements. It can even supply loan equipment – subject to availability – while yours is being serviced in the workshop.

Of course, it goes without saying that Sygma Solutions provides a CAT course for the Cat 4 and Genny 4 that will teach operatives methods of use that they have probably never seen before.