NORTHVALE, New Jersey, USA – New Yorker Electronics has announced the release of two new series of self-healing capacitors from ASC Capacitors. The new BLF (Board Level Filter) and BLS (Board Level Snubber) Capacitor Series consist of double-sided metalized polyester film electrodes and are non-inductive wound, yielding no inductance value.

BLS – Board Level Snubber Capacitor
The new ASC Capacitor BLS Series has high density packaging and is suited for high frequency, high pulse and high AC voltage applications. It has a uniform shape in a case that is not only flame retardant but also impervious to all known solvents.

The BLS has a dielectric strength of 160% of rated voltage for two seconds, tolerances between ±5% and ±20% and insulation resistances of C<0.33 µF, R≥30,000 MEG. OHM @ 20 ±3°C and C≤0.33µF, RC≥10,000 MEG.OHM X µF.

It comes standard in voltages of 630Vdc (400Vac), 1200Vdc (600Vac), 1600Vdc (650Vac) and 2000Vdc (700Vac) with a capacitance range between 0.0022 and 3.3 µF. Custom dimensions are available upon request.

This line of snubber capacitors includes designs and features for a wide variety of applications including electronic lighting (car headlamp, ballast), switching spikes suppression in SMPS, snubber and SCR commutating circuits and high frequency and high voltage applications.

BLF – Board Level Filter Capacitor
The new ASC BLF Series is also a Metallized Polypropylene AC Filter Capacitor with Non-Inductive Winding. It provides high reliability and enhanced self-healing characteristics with low losses and low ESR.

Like the BLS, the BLF has an operating temp between -40°C ~ +105°C. They come standard with voltage ranges of 180V, 275 and 350V. The capacitance range is standard at 1.0 ~ 70.0µF, with other ratings reviewed on request. The BLF Series has a dielectric strength of 160% of rated voltage for two seconds and capacitance tolerances between ±5% and ±20%.

Also similar to the BLS, it has a low dissipation factor and a high insulation resistance. The BLF is suitable for AC output filtering in such applications as UPS, Solar Photovoltaic DC/AC inverters with an inductor-capacitor-inductor, or LCL, filter.

American Shizuki Capacitors specializes in creating made-to-order solutions for unique applications. As a franchise distributor for ASC, New Yorker Electronics handles any custom requests for ASC products. They also supply the entire line of ASC’s DC Filters, AC Filters, Snubbers, Traditional Film Capacitors and Metallized Propylene-Protected Dry Caps for HID Lighting.