India (October 17, 2018): the art form Mandala is emerging as the latest fad in recent times. But do you know Mandalas were and are everywhere; they are the structures of our cells, our world and our universe. This couldn’t have been explained more beautifully that whenever there is a centre found radiating inward and outward, there is wholeness – Mandala!
“The ‘circle with a center’ pattern is the basic structure of creation that is reflected from the micro to the macro in the world as we know it. It is a pattern found in nature and is seen in biology, geology, chemistry, physics and astronomy.”

Mandalas have been used since the ancient times in various cultures and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American and Australian Aborigins as a symbol of wholeness. Even the Islamic art form is witnessed to be full of dense geometric patterns that reflect Mandalas.

Trippimandala India will introduce you to the world of Mandalas if you are new to it and keen to know. Expect from trippymandala to provide you with the details on:

• History, origin and forms of Mandala art
• Types and significance of Mandalas
• Significance of Mandalas in ancient as well as modern times
• Mandala art in the form of tattoos, carpets, wall art and floor designs
• Significance of animal mandalas
• People’s perception on Mandala art
• Use of Mandala tapestry for healing and spirituality

Trippymandala will make you feel the real essence of Mandala art form by giving you the indepth knowledge of everything related to ancient and modern Mandalas. It depicts Mandala art as a means of expression for the innermost self.

About Trippy Mandalas India:

Trippy Mandalas is aware about Mandala art form being used throughout the world for self-expression, meditation, spiritual transformation, and personal growth. Creating a mandala is both therapeutic and symbolic, the shapes, colours and designs you create in your mandala art reflect your inner self at the time of creation. The symbolism of the mandala’s central point and its outward radiating patterns has come to represent man’s connection with the spiritual. Trippy Mandala explains through its blogs the adaptation of mandalas in the floor designs, wall art, carpets, etc. it also talks about uses of Mandalas in western culture in the form of yoga, meditation and healing.

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