Los Angeles, California (webnewswire) October 16, 2018 – MFE Insurance, a Los Angeles entertainment insurance agency, recently published a blog post explaining dram shop laws and how liquor liability insurance can help cover disputes under those laws. Understanding dram laws and the insurance coverage necessary to operate a business that serves alcohol can save business owners time, money, and stress should any issues arise.

Dram shop laws apply to all businesses that sell alcoholic drinks within 38 states. Under these laws, a business that serves alcoholic drinks to someone who is obviously intoxicated, or close to it, is liable for anyone injured by the drunken person. As such, bartenders and other employees should always refuse to serve people who appear dangerously intoxicated in order to help avoid accidents. Patrons should be made aware that they may be denied service as well. States that do not have dram shop laws typically consider that other factors aside from alcohol could be the cause of an intoxicated person’s dangerous behavior and do not automatically hold establishments responsible for damage caused by an intoxicated patron.

Liquor liability insurance can protect your employees and business, whether dram shop laws exist in your state or not, as businesses that serve alcohol can be highly susceptible to lawsuits. This type of insurance can cover costs related to suits brought against your establishment after an intoxicated person hurts themself or others while in your building, driving home, and more. Standard insurance policies do not typically cover alcohol-related suits, and it is therefore important to carry liquor liability insurance to guarantee that these incidents have a smaller impact on your finances and time.

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