In the age of mobile revolution, it is tremendously important to stay on latest technology all the times and according to me, text messages are the fastest way to convey any information or promotional offers within groups of different kinds of people in just a few seconds. However, with some strict rules and limitations on texting services, online bulk SMS solutions like API, campaign management comes as a boon to all tech-savvy individuals.

It’s easy to maintain, the online SMS system or the Bulk SMS Gateway API which allows you to send single SMS or multiple SMS on any mobile number irrespective of their geographical location in India. Your messages will get delivered into their inbox and them likely to read it within 3-5 minutes. These days, hundreds of small, medium and big-sized companies & enterprises are using SMS technique to communicate with their clients and to make their presence in front of new potential customers.

Usually, there are two types of bulk SMS services-

1. Promotional SMS

Sender Id not allowed because it is auto-generated of 6-numeric digits
Send marketing SMS like discount deals, coupon codes, event passes, invitations etc
Time limit 9 am to 9 pm only
SMS will not be delivered on DND mobile numbers
Instant activation

2. Transactional SMS

Send texts with company name sender Id
Send informative messages regarding account information, bank alerts, order status, OTP etc.
Send campaigns 24*7
SMS will be delivered on DND and Non-DND mobile numbers
Instant activation

How does it work?

Mobile marketing through SMS is an easy concept and doesn’t require any kind of technical training. The interface comes online, making it extremely budget-friendly and secured. Once the sender id is selected, mobile numbers are added and the message created it will be sent out to all recipients by following given below steps-

to your interface
Copy & paste the numbers or upload it via excel file
Draft your SMS contents
Click on Send or Schedule it for later date & time

Benefits of bulk SMS marketing services
It is useful for all types of business especially if you want to target local buyers. With the proper use of it for promotion activities, you can increase your sale by 200% in just a few couples of days. On the other hand, it is helpful in effective communication with the customers and conveying brand messages or to build a strong goodwill among competitors.

The foremost benefit of using mass texting is you will get Bulk SMS API to shoot messages directly from own software application. API enables the functions of one system into another system with an ease it means bulk SMS services will be enabled into your CRM, mobile app or website.

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