Barnacle Busters is a largest and well-known boat maintenance company in Palm Beach, Florida. This company was founded by Lou Daniello, Jr in the year of 1979. They are providing underwater boat maintenance services for Palm Beach, Martin and Broward counties. They have well-experienced divers to repair your boat. Their dividers are fully trained before they undergo commercial diving. They are a full-time, full-service company and works as extra hours as per the customer’s preference. For any kind of services, they are available 24/7. You can reach them by dialing any one of the customer care numbers.
Commercial Diving Services:
Barnacle Busters have a lot of services to run your boat at an optimum level. Major services of their company are:
Boat Bottom Cleaning – They offer regular underwater cleaning service in two ways. One is Monthly powerboat underwater cleaning and another one is Monthly sailboat underwater cleaning. Regular cleaning service protects your boat from excess fuel loss, excess drag, clogged thru-hull intakes and propeller vibrations.
Propeller Repair – They having 25-ton hydraulic prop propeller which can pull your propeller up to 60 degrees. They have all sizes of the propeller. They can also replace the propeller with a new one if you have or they can also buy a propeller and install it. From, repairing and replacing to painting, they take care of all the need for a propeller.
PropSpeed Application – PropSpeed is used on the propeller and shaft to prevent the formation of salt and maximizing the performance by decreasing the fuel loss. They have specialized trainees to do this work.
Underwater Yacht Maintenance – In this service, they do barnacle removal, zinc removal, propeller repair and replacement and other submerged maintenance. They can also do hull cleaning in this service which will improve the efficiency of the boat.
Zinc Replacement – They regularly check your zincs for any damage. If so, they will replace it by installing a new one. This will prevent any costly damage.
About Barnacle Busters:
Barnacle Busters is an underwater yacht maintenance company in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. With these major services, they also do all minor services related to the service. Their company is fully staffed for 24 hours a day. They are specialized in repairing any kinds of boat. All services are done in the customer’s preferred place and it fulfills the customer’s requirements. For more information, visit our website
10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
Phone: 561.625.4484