It can be extremely difficult to find a reputed ACT or SAT tutor. Before you hire an ACT tutor for yourself, it is important to understand that a tutor is an investment both in terms of time and money. Just because someone claims themselves to be an ACT/SAT expert, doesn’t make them the best one.

Here is what makes an ACT/SAT tutor an effective tutor:

* The most effective ACT tutor has already taken the test and aced it. When looking for the best ACT tutor, it is important to consider their aggregate score in the test they had taken.

* An ACT tutor, who calls himself the best, knows how to teach the subject effectively. Since they are in the teaching industry from a long time, they know how the tests are conducted and what strategies work best to learn the subject. An effective ACT tutor is familiar with the test material.

* Trustworthy resources point toward the most effective ACT tutor. You don’t have to run around looking for one because students will already be pointing toward them. People who have studied and scored good aggregates will know how effective their teacher was.
* A good ACT tutor knows how to identify you weaknesses and turn them into your strength when it comes to ACT coaching. Securing good aggregates in ACT requires mastery at different levels and a good ACT tutor is known to help you master those skills. A good tutor will regularly be assessing your weaknesses and structuring tutoring sessions according to your learning pattern.

* Remember, that you want to hire the best tutor available. So, be sure to ask some questions to gauge your teacher’s skills and expertise. Just because they will be teaching you, doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to ask them any questions. Asking questions to a potential tutor will help you find an effective and reputable teacher.

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