Essential oils are more effective in treating disease and skin infections. They are the most concentrated oil extracted from the plants through different processes. You can capture the essence called plant’s scent and flavor from the oils.
All the essential oils have its own characteristics and the unique aroma. However, essential oils are made through the different processes called distillation (via water and/ or steam) or with the help of mechanical methods called cold pressing.
The preparation of the essential oil plays an important role because the essential oils made with the help of chemical processes are not considered as the true essential oils. However, the essential oils are very powerful and are mostly used as an aromatherapy.
We all can guess that the things which are very powerful can be dangerous too. In addition to this, there are some risk factors with the improper use of the essential oils. However, there is a particular method in order to make use of the essential oils.
Essential oils are mostly used for skin infections or the disease related to your skin. Suppose, if you directly apply the essential oil to your skin, the affected area may get even worse and might lead to several adverse effects. Some of the risks and dangers include:
• It can cause skin irritation.
• When you inhale it, you may suffer from seasonal allergies.
• The strong aroma of the essential oils can lead to nausea.
In addition to all the above points, there are many such risk factors that can affect your health and the skin. However, you need to use the essential oils in the right way.
As the essential oils are very concentrated and powerful, you need to mix them with any carrier oils so that it becomes diluted. Hence, you need to dilute the essential oils and then apply it on the affected area for the effective results.

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