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Dubai. U.A.E

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Motivational speaker Dave Crane has launched public speaking courses in Dubai that are designed to help people rediscover themselves and effectively communicate with an audience. Public speaking often makes people anxious and the only way to overcome this fear is to apply Dave Crane’s proven strategies that will enable them to connect with their prospective audience and capture their attention.

Dave Crane offers insight into public speaking techniques and how it can be applied in a prospective stage setting. The public speaker training in Dubai will cover a range of elements that enable people to stay motivated and build a rapport and deliver an attention-grabbing presentation.

Learn the tools to structure and create a powerful story that not only captures the audiences’ attention but also builds trust in the process. The public speaking courses in Dubai will enable people to use the best public speaking practices, the perfect tone, and sound confident and clear and identify the key message that will engage an audience.

As a life designer, motivational coach and team building expert Dave Crane has had over four decades in the industry and worked alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. He has an award winning television show that is broadcast in over 144 countries and has hosted premium speaking events all over the world.

Dave Crane notes, “For many people, public speaking is something they feel anxious about. I want you to rediscover the potential inside of you. I have set out the best techniques to learn how to tackle anxiety and remain confident in your public speaking roles”.

He further notes, “Public speaking for many is no longer a choice, in terms of their employment. It is something they most often have to do. If you are afraid of public speaking, you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how to get rid of the doubting and discouraging words in your head”.

About Dave Crane
Dave Crane has delivered hundreds of presentations and inspired audiences around the world by sharing his powerful approach to life. He is a motivational speaker, business coach, life designer and corporate trainer amongst the many other things. He has trained individuals and teams to communicate an authentic message and enhance their presentation skills to achieve more effective results. Dave has award winning TV shows and over four decades of hosting experience. For more information, visit my website on https://www.davecraneglobal.com/about-dave/