Tustin, CA – GMR Web Team (GMR), a leading healthcare marketing agency, released the latest edition of its bi-annual Patient Satisfaction Survey Report for primary care physicians. The survey, which was conducted from January through June 2018 among 34,504 patients, noted an overall higher level of patient satisfaction in comparison to its previous edition (June-December’2017). However, the survey also pointed out a decline in patients’ overall sentiment, which as stated in the survey, “could be an early indicator of a future decline in satisfaction.”

The survey was conducted among patients belonging to those physicians who use GMR Web Team’s marketing and reputation management services. The findings of the survey were compared with those of its previous edition to show the trends of patient satisfaction.

According to the company, they asked patients to rate their physicians on a scale of 0 to 10: 8, 9, & 10 was considered positive; 6 & 7 was considered neutral; and 0-5 negative. Patients were also provided with an option to write a comment for elaborating on their opinion. The comments were automatically put through an artificial intelligence tool that measured the exact sentiment of each comment.

The key takeaways of the survey:

  • 97.4% of patients gave positive ratings about their visit to primary care physicians, up from 95.1% in July-December 2017.
  • 0.3% rated their experience neutral (a decrease of 2.8% as compared to the last survey), and 2.2% rated it negative (up from 1.9% in July-December’18).
  • Positive sentiment saw a decline of 1.6% in January-June’18 as compared to July-December’17.
  • Negative sentiment also increased by 0.9% in January-June’18 as compared to July-December’17.

Read the complete Primary Care Patient Satisfaction Survey (Jan-June’18).

Company Overview
GMR Web Team is a full-service physician marketing agency operating from offices in California, Oregon, and Washington. The company led by Founder & CEO Ajay Prasad helps physician clients grow and increase their market share through its online marketing efforts.