July, 2018: LSoft Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of their latest disk utilities suite, the new and improved version 13 of Active@ Data Studio. One of the world’s most popular sets of disk utility tools, the software comes with the latest versions of Active@ Disk Image 9, Active@ UNDELETE 14, Active@ File Recovery 17, Active@ Partition Recovery 17 and Active@ Password Changer 9. The suite provides everything you need to back up all the data on your computer with a byte-by-byte disk image, recover lost or deleted data, diagnose and troubleshoot your computer, manage and configure hard drive partitions and more.

Enjoy Working with a Familiar Operating Environment

If, like most of us, you are accustomed to using Microsoft Windows, then you will find the interface provided in Active@ Data Studio to be instantly familiar thanks to the fact that it’s based on Windows 10 build 1709. Also, WinPE, which powers the operating system, has been updated in the latest version to provide a more modern, stable and compatible kernel. Active@ Data Studio operates by itself and boots from either an optical disk or a USB drive, so it works completely independent of the operating system or anything else installed on your computer.

Whether your goal is backup, data recovery, partition management, secure data erasure, or you simply want to troubleshoot and diagnose your computer, Active@ Data Studio provides everything you need. It also ships with many other everyday Windows tools, such as a notepad, calculator and web browser. Find out more at http://lsoft.net/data-studio.aspx.