Dublin/ Ireland/ – Bundling is a popular and effective pricing technique that helps to make learning plain and simple. Olive safety now provides bundle course on the Safe pass and Manual Handling, this bundle is essential for the health and safety of each and every staff in an organization. It is often said that any organization is only as good as its employees and the way how they handling the equipment and heavy loads during the work. The Business Skills bundle recognizes this and seeks to maximize employee performance with the ultimate goal of maximizing bank performance. The courses in this bundle will help ensure everyone – from directors to employee – is receiving the training they need to successfully execute the requirements of their job.

Taking a bundled course have many benefits for staffs in an organization can slash the total training cost for individual courses. It is mandatory to take these courses those who work in a construction site. Manual handling course by olive learning is mainly focused on the workers in the workplace who perform the task of Heavy lifting and Olive Safety Safe pass course awareness programme which is mainly focused on the safety of the general workers in a construction site to ensure the safety and health of employees within a workplace.

The main and first objective for safety courses is to save life, which is to prevent injury and loss of life in the workplace. Human life and health always take top priority in an emergency. The second objective is to Prevent Property Damage in a construction site.

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