A fall from 3rd floor can be fatal. 48-year-old hotel owner Mohd. Sayeed* was also fighting for his life after he fell from the third floor of his under-construction hotel during a routine inspection. A leading corporate hospital in Jaipur confirmed that the fall resulted in a fracture in his skull, dislocated elbows and multiple injuries. The condition was further complicated by collection of blood around Sayeed brain and sepsis (life threatening response of the body against infections). It was a miracle that he was still breathing, though in an awful state. He underwent surgery to release pressure from the brain tissue and fix his other injuries. But the more critical phase of post-surgery recovery was yet to begin. HealthCare atHOME became a knight in shining armour for Sayeed. After spending around 1 month in the hospital, Sayeed’s care was handed over to the capable hands of Healthcare atHome (HCAH), the care continuum partner of Sayeed’s treating hospital.
Understanding the critical nature of the case, HealthCare atHOME’s Regional Head, North, Abhishek Malik, personally supervised the case. He says, “When Sayeed was taken onboard from the hospital, he was in a critical state. His GCS was 9 which mean that his head injury required constant care and attention. Sayeed was barely conscious and had difficulty in breathing. To assist him breath, tracheostomy was in place and food was provided with the help of tubes inserted in his food pipe through his throat. Both his hands were in plaster cast and a urinary bag was in place for urination. But along with focusing on the technical medical requirement, our focus was also to provide constant compassionate care by highly skilled experts at the comfort of Sayeed’s home. We take extreme pride in the fact that HCAH has delivered high quality clinical care across all therapies. It can be attributed to our focus on intensive training for our staff. Be it complex and difficult cases like Sayeed’s or routine cases, it is our priority to give all our patients the best of protocol led care. As a healthcare organization, we are completely customer centric”.
Under HCAH’s world-class care, in less than two months Sayeed has made remarkable recovery. The feeding tube has been removed from his throat and he has reverted to his normal diet. Moreover, he has even begun walking without assistance. This is a miracle in itself considering his condition had warranted a long bed rest. In fact, HCAH’s medical team takes great pride in the fact that despite high chances of developing bed sores, carefully managed and monitored care ensured Sayeed did not have even a single pressure injury.
Mohd Yusuf*, the elder son of Sayeed, says, “It was an overwhelming decision to move my father from the care of a hospital to home healthcare. It was something new for us as we were not aware that hospital-level care can be provided at home. After discussing with the treating doctor, I started looking for home healthcare partners. There are many options in the market and choosing one of them is a tedious task. After interacting with many home healthcare providers, I finally settled with HCAH as I found other patient testimonials very encouraging. I am glad and thankful at the same time. Today, my father has recovered 90% and HCAH is helping us to see him through the complete recovery.”
In the past 5 years, HCAH has touched 400,000+ lives in 40+ cities with their home healthcare solutions with support of 1,500+ employees. Vivek Srivastava, co-founder and CEO of HCAH says, “It makes us immensely happy to see Sayeed and all our patients recovering quickly and comfortably. We strive to bring good head and normality back to all our patients by providing them world class medical services by highly trained professionals at the comfort of their home. As an organization, our aim has always been to win the trust of our patients and our hospital associates by following responsible clinical care practices and having a result driven approach for patient treatment. Various corporate hospital chains have tied up with HCAH as care continuum partners now owing to our specialization in handling critical care cases. At HCAH, compassionate care goes hand in hand with advanced technology and trained manpower. To make our services accessible to more patients and families, we plan to expand HCAH’s footprint to all cities with a population of 20 lakh or more in order to make quality and comprehensive healthcare more accessible for all.”
Home healthcare is rapidly becoming an essential part of the healthcare industry and companies like HCAH are doing a wonderful job to improve home healthcare acceptance among patients and professionals. Hospital like quality care in a cost-effective way at home is the future of the Indian healthcare industry.