Organizing any event includes months of organization, reiterating and of course polishing the strategy you have used for the event the last minute. When the event day has finally approached, you really want to create the best impression. To achieve it you will have to understand that it all begins from the very first session when you have made the keynote presentation. The success of the event also depends on setting the right tone for the attendees when they walk in – this check-in experience continues throughout the event!
When you are planning the check-in experience on the event site, you need to be sure to make the overall experience a positive one. Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you achieve such an objective with ease.
A Pre-Event Email
Make sure you send in a pre-event email that has the check-in details to all the attendees. Timely communication about the check-in process will ensure a hassle free experience for one and all. You can send an email with a subject “how to check in” to all the attendees just days before the main event. This will make sure that the attendees are aware of the complete check-in process. A number of event managers to send in emails that include an outline of instructions for check-in.
If you have made an event app, you can include a download link for the same in the email. A number of people prefer to download the app before attending the event. This will in turn expedite the overall check-in process as the registration information of the attendees is already mentioned in the app. All that needs to be done is the scanning of the QR code and ensure a very smooth check-in process.
Time to Go Paperless
Never have your guests attend an event using a pen and a paper. In this digital age, using a pen and paper does not really leave a good impression. This only reflects a very outdated check-in process and marks it as your inefficiency. This can show the brand in a very poor light. You really want to show your guests that the event they are a part of will help them increase their knowledge and teach them new things, don’t you?
You can instead ask your guests to register using their tablets or smartphones. This will make sure that the check-in is swift and smooth.
A Logical Check-In for On-Site
Once the guests arrive at the said venue, they should have a clear understanding of where they need to go next to receive or complete their registration. You not only need to organize but also need to check on the spacing and the check-in flow. This will make sure that there are no lines outside the venue or irate attendees.
The best event management company in Delhi makes use of signage in a smart way where each area is properly designated. Using too many of signage also creates confusion. Remember that you only need to show your attendees where they need to go for check-in and after that. You can plan for this well ahead of the event and also remember to educate the staff as to where they need to direct the guests too after every step of the check-in process.
Use Kiosks that Help with Self Check-In
In the digital age, no one really wants to wait to complete the check-in process for the event. If you are using advanced software for check-ins, you can as well make use of kiosks that help with self check-in process. This not only makes the process faster but also leaves a great first impression in the minds of your attendees.
You also need to train your event staff so that they can help those who are facing trouble with the check-in and those who have all the information can check-in using these kiosks within a few seconds. This will also make the overall event look sleek and trendy and will show that you are a company that keeps upgrading their event management methods.
Assemble Your Best Trained Staff Only
Not only the arrangements and the check-in process, but how well your staff behaves with the attendees too is important to ensure the success of the event. Even when you have all the apps, the softwares and the kiosk stations in place, you need to have the right people in place to assist those who need help.
When the guests arrive at the venue and the check-in process is swift, they do feel they are cared for and are assisted well; they carry the same experience throughout the rest of the event. So, be very selective when you are choosing the staff for the event and also educate them about their roles and their importance.
Generate a Lot of Positive Energy
If you are wondering as to how you can generate positive energy during the process of check-in, well do not worry! On the day of the event, the focus is mostly on the people and the process behind it. Apart from the arrangement, your event staff with their interaction can generate a positive energy at the venue.
You can train your staffs in a way that they convey the feeling of delight and showcase a positive energy when the attendees start to arrive. Remember that this is the very first impression they have at the event.
How they are treated and how they feel can show up online, on the social media world. Warm smiles, high fives and help when needed brings in a positive energy and excitement in the event.
Make sure to follow these tips to ensure a smooth check-in process of the attendees at the event. Whatever process you choose, how things are organized on the big day can make or break the event. So, plan, implement and act wisely.
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