English language is one of the most complex languages in existence today, there are approximately 372 million speakers from 106 countries preferred to speak in English and is told to be the most widely spoken language these days.
Here are some tools that can help you to improve your English written skills:
Grammar girl:
Grammar girl is one of the great sites to add to your book marks adding the features like regular blog posts, explaining in detail the rules of writing, rules of using punctuations, grammar and correct usage of words and more.
And also concentrates on active and passive voices, how to identify a comma splice and specially helps you with the working environment and business writings.

This tool helps you to measure the readability of your writings that the app can calculate your average readability score based on number of algorithms and indexes that you use and score will be indicated, the average level of education the someone needs to read your work that happens in this app and gives you the score.

Zenpen is one of the fun tools that helps you in writing and it is free fun tool and can be used when you need to block out the noise of the disturbance of the internet and completely focuses on your writings and it is very simple to use, just you can delete the default text appearing and can start your writing.

Headline analyzer:
Journalists most uses this tool for specific headlines and everyone should know that how to craft eye catching head line for a digital audience and this tool can help you to be different from all others and helps when writing a headline, an email subject or tweet. It also provides suggestions that can drive more people to work.

One of the famous tool for writing purposes and when we write we often don’t stop thinking like how readable this writing can be to the audience and expresso is a free tool that can analyze your written text for weak verbs, filtering words, active and passive voices and more helpful to write readable sentences.