What:Baaya Design, where traditional art forms go hand in hand with contemporary design elements, strives to offers an exquisite range of products handpicked to tell one’s story and extend their legacy.The brand which elegantly blendstraditional crafts, contemporary aesthetics and modern functionality to impart to the end user a rich and homely experience.

Baaya Design takes the inspiration from the rich legacy in our culture, to create striking modern interpretations. The products are crafted by authentic master artisans from across India which helps conserve the heritage that has been handed down for generations!

Keeping the tradition alive, Baaya Design in association with Kumkum Nongrum, an HR consultant by profession and an ardent promoter of the exquisite Northeast weaves by passion, brings to you an ensemble of the traditional silks of Pat, Muga and Eri in the form of Mekhala Chadors, sarees, stoles and wraps locally known as Dokhomandas in a specially curated exhibition in Mumbai. The purpose of hosting this exhibition is to give a real-time experience of Assam in Mumbai and to showcase the beautiful Mekhla Chador available in a wide array of Assam silks to the patrons of art, culture, and heritage.

Mekhala Chador: Mekhala Chador is the traditional Assamese dress worn by women. It is undoubtedly one of the most elegant and ‘figure enhancing’ costumes worn in any of the Indian states. There are two main pieces of cloth that are draped around the body. The bottom portion draped from the waist downwards is called the mekhela. It is in the form of a very wide cylinder that is folded into pleats to fit around the waist and tucked into an underskirt. Assam silk denotes the three major types of indigenous silks produced in Assam; the golden Muga, the white Patand the warm Eri silk.

To further add to the overall experience, Baaya Design has partnered with Tea Trunk and will be serving the patrons some of the refreshing Assamese tea blends. Some of these refreshing products will be available for sale during the length of the exhibition.

When: 16thOctober – 19thOctober 2018

Where:Baaya Showroom, Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013

Time: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm