It started as a trading company specializing in the export of kitchenware in 1999, and has expanded its business into PVC hose manufacturing business and now exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world.
Seyoung Metal contributes to social development through win-win growth by supplying excellent products to customers. We are also increasing our reputation by exporting our products to overseas markets. Seyoung Metal has grown to become a world-class company by employing professional personnel with the value that nothing is more important than human resources.
Flexible metal hoses can be used extensively, such as water, steam, hot oil and gas. Flexible metal hoses can be reinforced with double steel knitting to enhance pressure and environmental durability. It is also possible to reinforce wire thickness or spring to extend product life even in harsh environmental conditions. Flexible duct hoses exporter
Material SUS 316, 304
Color Metal
Reinforcement Braided with wire
Temperature Range -160°C to 800°C
Suitable for harsh environments
Excellent chemical resistance

Our producing mind is to make the best quality as our life, and business mind Is to show the best credit to all our customers
Transparent hose is popular in the market with high flexibility and reasonable price. The fiber braided design is also excellent for increasing the pressure resistance of the hose. Clear Braided Hose korea
Material PVC, Yarn
Color Clearance
Reinforcement 3 Layer Braided with Yarn
Temperature Range -20°C to 70°C

Optimum flow is maintained by the smooth bore
Excellent transparency, enabling blockages to be located
Highly flexible
Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals
Nontoxic suitable for food use
Pneumatics and instrumentation, compressed air lines, automotive air brake systems and suspension lines, low temperature diesel transfer, transport of many fuels and oils, Lubrication systems, hydraulic lines, refrigeration and coolant lines, Air conditioning, the transport if CO² and many other industrial gasses.