Magnum Fitness Beach
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 585 7062
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An outdoor MMA gym in Dubai on Kite Beach, Magnum Fitness aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. While it began as a MMA gym it now offers a variety of athletic activities for all ages, body types, competencies and specialties. Since inception, the gym has acquired homegrown talent and regular exercisers, both local and foreign.
Magnum Fitness Beach was recently featured on MBC Action with an episode that aired on 10th of October at 11 pm, UAE time. The program focused on making a change in your fitness journey and incorporating healthy living as part of your daily life. Co-founder and managing director Patrizia Marin states, “Exercises and fitness should be regarded as an investment for leading a healthy lifestyle, and we wanted to create that for television” She further stated, “Our classes are fun and affordable, and we welcome any age. Don’t let age stop you from being a fit and healthy individual”.

The gym distinguishes itself from regular gyms and workout centers by being out in the open. There are exercisers, regular beach-goers and MMA fighters training in the open on Kite Beach. Magnum has set a stage for them to showcase their talent and skills.

Magnum Fitness Beach is a wholesome gym for women and men of any age who want to have that perfect sculptured body. The site is open daily from 6 am until 10 pm, and there is a gym instructor who offers advice and guidance on the correct way to use the equipment.

The gym is open even during the summer, and they have their champion trainer and boxer Bruno Verdiros who has also acted in several Hollywood movies, who holds several training sessions every week. Alongside Bruno, there are several other instructors and trainers who have been holding training sessions and drawing children and adults to Magnum Fitness.

Some of the best benefits of training outdoors at outdoor locations like Magnum, for example, is that there is plenty of room to explore.
Training outside unlike a bustling gym pushes the exerciser closer to achieving their maximum performance. Then, there is the benefit of sunshine that provides more energy for the body. It also provides vitamin D and lifts the spirit.

About Us
Magnum Fitness Beach is a fantastic fitness center located on Kite Beach in Dubai offering a variety of physical activities for people of all ages, all styles and all body types. Promoting long-term fitness solution and healthy lifestyle, we believe that an outdoor gym will help make a difference to your physical and emotional well-being. To participate in group classes, personal training, combat and cage fighting, get in touch with us today on