Since our foundation in 1998 our company has only been engaged in the production Vacuum Blood Collection Product LINE, product plant. Our offer a wide range of operating speeds from 8.500 pcs units per hour and we understand that anything less than the best is good enough.
Visit our homepage to click production information firstly and then click DY-05~ DY-08 and then click flickering VOD to display video of the machine. You have good opportunity to expand your business.
Welcome to Production of many sizes by one unit of the machine may produce defective products. One unit of the machine is allowed to produce one size only to prevent production of defective products.
The machine has production capacity of 8,500 pcs per hour considering life of pneumatic parts. Excessive Speed may shorten life of the machine. The auto machine’s production capacity in document may be of no help to your production. The machine’s frequent disorder at running may give you a lot of stress.
DY-09 Automatic Packing Machine
Product Features
• power : 2P x 220V x1.5kw
• Thermal electric capacity :LEFT : 500(W)x220VX9.8
• Right:: 500(W)x220VX9.8
• Machine Size :910(w) x 2050(L) x 1530(H)
Shrink Tunnel Machine
• power :3P x 380V x10.8kw
• Machine Size :700(w) x 1800(L) x 1250(H)
• Alarm of disorder of the unit
• Lessen film sludge around seal –knife as much as possible with special coating
• PLC-control system assures of high performance.
• Strong mechanism
• Make use of film cutting blade with cartridge permanently.
Product Features
DY-05 Gel Filling Dual Machine Labeling with two sizes: Collection Tube Machine 8,500 tubes/hr
• available tubes Size:
• Length/75mm x Diameter/13mm
• Length/100mm x Diameter/13mm
• Length/100mm x Diameter/16mm
• Voltage : 380V 50 Hz
• production process :
• alignment of empty tubes with feeding parts
• move for labelling machine
• marking of manufactured date, expiry date of product
• labelling
• Automatic assembling on mould of 100 pieces for gel filling.
• moving 100 pieces into filling part by hand
• Gel filling machine
Looking for Vacuum Cap assembly machine & Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Machine Manufacturer in Korea? DY-06 Cap Assembly Machine”: internal cap (rubber) and external cap (plastic) assembling machine. Power consumption: 0.1 KW x 3p 50Hz. capacity of machine: 7,000 pieces/hr. power supply: 380V/50Hz