Sightsavers is a global leading development NGO that has been working in the field of eye health, disability and inclusive education since 1966 in India.
One of the key programs of Sightsavers that attempts to take ‘eye care everywhere’, in keeping with this year’s World Sight Day 2028 theme is National Truckers Eye Health Programme – RAAHI. The truckers programme is designed to align with the Sightsavers global Uncorrected Refractive Error (URE) Strategy where Road safety is a core component. The truckers are given free eye checkups and corrective measure to combat with their eye health issues. Sightsavers had launched the programme in September 2017, with operations beginning from October last year.
All Static Vision centers and Eye Camps are conducted by trained eye care ophthalmic staffs associated with Sightsavers hospital partners. The RAAHI National Truckers Eye Health Programme is currently active in key transport hubs, truck terminals and major fleet sites in the golden quadrilateral of India. Important ports of the Indian transport industry in metropolitan cities which oversee the movement of commercial goods and services including Bombay, Chennai, Visakapatanam, Paradip and Kolkata are currently active under the programme action. At present, the programme spans 34 cities on the golden Quadrilateral and its periphery, altogether accounting for 13 states and 1 Union Territory of India i.e. Delhi and National Capital region. Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Kishangarh are few cities where the programme is currently in operation.
Speaking on the occasion of World Sight Day, Mr. RN Mohanty, CEO, Sightsavers India said, “The program’s vision is to ensure that all truck drivers’ get access to proper eye health facilities. We truly in the motto of taking ‘eye care everywhere’; we have been taking various initiatives to impact the life of millions of individuals by providing eye health services in various parts of India. Avoidable blindness is a key health issue that needs major attention and the most important way is to raise awareness. People need to know that major eye problems, which lead to blindness, can be prevented through early detection. At Sightsavers, we strongly believe in increasing awareness about the importance of eye health and support people who are irreversibly blind or disabled. We are currently having various programmes under our three thematic areas—Eye Health, Inclusive Education and Social Inclusion—in 100 districts of 13 states of India, of which eight are our core programme states.”
About Sightsavers: Sightsavers is a global development organization working in India since 1966 to eliminate avoidable blindness and to ensure that people who are irreversibly blind are supported adequately to lead lives of independence and dignity. Today, it works with partner organizations across major states in India bringing eye healthcare, educational support, training and leadership development to visually impaired people in some of the least served areas. It works sustainably for lasting change – by strengthening existing health systems, seeking to advocate with governments and by demonstrating best practices. Sightsavers believes in promoting indigenous technologies in eye healthcare to ensure a wider reach.
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