QA Mentor is one of the best QA companies. This top QA company is led by Ruslan Desyatnikov who holds more than 20 years of experience in software testing, quality control, quality assurance and process improvement. He is renowned for his expertise as well as generosity. To benefit industry with his practical knowledge, the company has launched the best QA training service. This service is available on-site and remote, based on client preference.

The QA expert of this top QA Company will conduct an interactive workshop for software testing and quality assurance professionals of the corporate company. This is a corporate training program to help companies in the process of upgrading knowledge of their QA and software testing team.

The launched QA training offers technical seminars and workshops on various QA topics. QA experts will share a lot of real life examples and interactive exercises to coach the QA team of the client company.

The available QA training courses are listed below:

On-site QA Training:
• Introduction to practical Automation testing
• Exploratory testing explained
• Exploratory testing lab
• Practical risk based testing
• Practical cyber security management integrated solutions
• Transform from traditional to an agile tester
• Testing in Agile environments
• Adding business value increasing ROI in testing
• Measurements and Metrics
• Root cause analysis techniques
• Optimizing test design tools
• Test process improvement
• Internationalization, Globalization and Localization testing strategies and techniques
• Writing good test requirements
• Personal communication and presentation skills for testing professionals

All on-site training sessions are also available remotely. Each QA training session has a specific duration from one to three days, depends on the topic.

“The software testing industry changes daily. Every day there is something new and testing experts must sharpen their skills. There are many online courses, but those only share theory and fundamentals of testing. We want to bring a revolution to the QA corporate training and coaching industry and that is the reason we have devised the expert seminars and workshops for corporate in which we will focus more on practical exercises as well as our real-life experiences and projects. This will help software testing and QA experts not only in learning expert testing and quality assurance techniques and tools, but also an understanding of challenges and the techniques of handling those challenges effectively.”, shared Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO and Founder of QA Mentor.

The company has added a section, namely, QA Corporate Training and Coaching under its QA University menu on their official website. This section shares details of each offered training seminar and workshop along with the details of:

• Brief of the seminar / workshop
• Duration
• Suitable audience
• Prerequisites
• Learning objectives

The interested companies can explore details about all offered QA training and coaching sessions by the company and choose the one based on their need. To explore more details about offered QA Corporate training and coaching service and topics of the QA Mentor, please visit