The range of applications for Logopak’s print & apply systems intralogistics and distribution logistics extends from order picking cardboard boxes to load-secured pallets. Particularly in shipping, the labeling systems have to meet the highest demands in terms of speed, flexibility and data security.
At the Pack Expo trade fair, taking place between October 14 and 17, 2018 in Chicago, Logopak ( will present innovative print & apply solutions for packaging, logistics and shipping. This includes, for example, the environmentally-friendly QTB series for waste-free labeling of pallets, cardboard boxes and small shipments.

Speed and flexibility are required

Labeling processes in secondary packaging are often characterized by high cycle rates. Depending on requirements, Logopak’s print & apply systems can be designed with suitable applicators for cycle rates of up to 50 products per minute. The different sizes of cardboard boxes, flat packs and bag packaging present a further challenge. They are typically marked from above – but how far must or may the applicator extend in order to safely apply a label without any collisions at height differences of up to 600 mm? This is why Logopak integrates height measuring systems into its print & apply solutions, as needed. They provide precise information to move the applicator arm into the correct attachment position. If cardboard boxes have a convex or curved surface due to overloading, applicators are available that can either inflate the labels with compressed air or apply them by rolling them on.

Highest data security for process control and track & trace

Print & apply solutions from Logopak for secondary labels impress with pin-sharp print resolutions of up to 300 dpi. Such resolutions and the inspection of the applied label by an integrated camera ensure high performance machine-readability in logistics and shipping processes.

However, data security requires more than just reading security. Ultimately, it must be ensured that the product is provided with the right information – even with large volumes of data. Print & apply solutions from Logopak for secondary labels in logistics and shipping – such as the 300, 400 and 500 product lines – feature an integrated local database for shipping units and article data, etc. They are also prepared for serial communication as well as real-time data connection via Ethernet and TCP/IP socket and report data back to higher-level ERP systems via the LogoSoft application software. Real-time labeling therefore ensures absolute data integrity without any data offset.

All packed and ready for shipping: Pallet labeling in variable attachment positions

The 800 and 900 product lines in protective housings from Logopak ( are high-performance print & apply solutions for pallet labeling at throughput rates of up to 180 packages per hour. Pallets, pallet cages and other large-volume load carriers can be labeled at a standstill or during throughput – from above, from the front and from the side. The labels, which are available in upright or oblong formats and up to A4, can also be applied on several sides, corners or all around – because the wide range of applicator variants can be applied in any position necessary.

When it comes to information logistics, Logopak’s print & apply pallet labeling systems offer all the necessary options – including online integration into customer fieldbus and control environments and ERP applications. They also offer the transfer and integration of real-time data into various label layouts, such as the GS1 transport label. Data security and integrity are essential labeling characteristics – the integrated Vericoder therefore checks the information on the label immediately after printing.

Versatility through modular machine concepts

Logopak’s print & apply systems are based on modular machine concepts whose main mechatronic components – drive, label reel, printing unit, applicator – are all developed, manufactured and assembled by Logopak itself. Standard as well as special solutions can thus be configured with high efficiency capabilities and individually customized if required. The systems are also open for extensions. This includes, for example, the printing of hybrid labels with integrated RFID chips or for data integration in ERP systems or in industrial 4.0 applications, such as condition monitoring. After all, Logopak’s print & apply systems are designed to ensure a long service life. A number of systems have been in operation for more than 20 years and have thus proven to be an extremely sound investment.
Print & apply solutions from Logopak – the right logical, logistic choice for more than 40 years.