Adventure Boot Camp has always aimed to offer affordable alternative fitness solutions. They organise outdoor fitness camps that are exclusively for women. With a dream to provide the best outdoor fitness program, ABC creates a revitalising, fun and secure outdoor environment where the women can workout.

The ABC community hopes to give women a place where there they can find a sense of belonging through their fitness journey. The strong and dedicated team of professionals guide women throughout the journey and ensure that the camps run smoothly. Their personal trainers pay individual attention to each woman, motivating them and providing fitness solutions that ensure that they feel healthy and confident.

Features of Their Fitness Program:
At ABC, there are no mundane routines and sweaty gym equipment. Rather, their innovative alternative workouts are focused on different body parts which cater to women of all shapes and sizes, and of all fitness levels. From beginners to fitness enthusiasts, no one is left out, and they do not pressurise anyone to go beyond what they are capable of.

Fun and Flexible Routines:
ABC understands that it is quite easy to lose interest in exercising due to the monotonous routines. In order to ensure that the women stay interested, they offer different routines every day. Their various routines and sessions focus on different parts of the body. This leaves no chance of getting bored and also exercises the whole body.

Versatile Approach:
They also offer flexibility to women in terms of the sessions. One can opt for 4, 12 or 20 sessions at the Adventure Boot Camp. Their programmes involve nutrition counselling, fitness instructions and motivational training through energising and fun activities.

With the ABC outdoor fitness program, individuals are able to lose weight and reduce body fat. Improvement in centimetres is guaranteed when you keep yourself motivated and commit to your workout routine.

Inspiring Journey:
With ABC, the fitness program is guaranteed to be inspiring as women can train with like-minded campers. Training with women who have similar fitness goals has an encouraging and inspiring effect, making them train harder to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Their camps are organised at over 60 locations including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, Durban, Somerset West, Pretoria and many more. To register for their camps or learn more about them visit:

About The Company:
Adventure Boot Camp was started in 2005, with an aim to provide the best outdoor fitness programme for South African women. Over the years they have grown and expanded to organise fitness camps at more than 60 locations across South Africa.

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7925, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 447 2746