ASTPP is one of the most stable open source solutions and it is a renowned VoIP billing software. It has a proactive community and it is maintained by an Indian IT company. The official maintainer company of the ASTPP: Billing Solution has booked a stand at upcoming Dubai based trade show: GITEX Technology Week 2018 and the representatives of the company and the ASTPP will showcase this solution to the GITEX visitors. As per the recent announcement of the representatives, “They are also willing to exhibit their Premium ASTPP Services” at the GITEX.

As per the shared details, this VoIP billing solution is provisioned with all required features and functionalities to run a wholesale or retail VoIP calling business. It eliminates the need of the class 4 and class 5 softswitch solutions by providing the features of the softswitch as well. However, the different businesses may have different business models and needs. This type of businesses can get benefited with the premium ASTPP services. Thus, the representatives of this VoIP billing software will showcase following premium services:

1. Installation with custom configurations
2. Off the shelve Paid Modules
3. Expert ASTPP support
4. Custom module development and integration
5. Professional Training

“The ASTPP is an easy to use solution without a doubt. However, it is much more powerful than it appears to be in some cases. There are some custom configurations which can benefit the businesses. Also, there are some custom modules which can double its capacity and provide new revenue generation channels. Everyone doesn’t know about all of these and expert services are worth an investment here. Thus, based on the comments and questions, if we find that the premium ASTPP service can benefit the booth visitor, we will suggest that and educate the GITEX visitor about its benefits”, shared Samir Doshi, Representative of ASTPP Community.

He further added, “The ASTPP is free to use for a lifetime, so there is no direct revenue generation channel for us, maintainer of the solution. At the same time, nobody can ignore the fact that to run an open source solution and community in a way that it can match the technical advancement and growing market demands need funds. We use the funds we get from our premium services in this direction. However, we will not push the premium ASTPP services to booth visitors. We will only suggest it if their preference and business model need the one.”

As per the shared details, the agenda of the premium service suggestion is to educate the booth visitors about its benefits and give an advantage of advance services and modules available for the ASTPP users that can benefit the service providers.

The ASTPP community leaders will be available during the GITEX Technology Week 2018 and will showcase this open source billing solution and its paid modules during 14 – 18 October, 2018. You can visit them at following details:

Booth No B1 – 20
Hall No 01
The representatives of this open source billing solution are also accepting the personal meeting invitations. Call on +1-855-580-1802 or send an email at [email protected] to book a personal meeting.