Miss Meow Grooming
Airport Road, Al Khawaneej St. (Near Terminal 1)

Telephone: +971 54 441 0202
Email: bookings@missmeowgrooming.com

Miss Meow Grooming is a unique pet grooming service in Dubai that provides mobile pet grooming services, with the aim of creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere for pet dogs, cats and rabbits. It is a leading mobile grooming company with the focus on the comfort, safety and wellness of the pet.

Miss Meow Grooming is unlike other pet grooming services and thrive on the motto of “our spa on wheels takes your pet on a magical journey of relaxation”.

Pet groomers in Dubai offer specialized grooming services and are fully committed and dedicated to ensuring each and every pet goes home feeling relaxed, refreshed and handled with love and care.

They have professional therapists who will analyse fur and skin conditions by offering free consultations to pet owners. Based upon this information, the pet groomers in Dubai will create an individualised grooming plan for the pet.

Miss Meow Grooming is reinventing the grooming industry by bringing pet therapists to their clients’ homes. They are qualified and professional groomers and their services will extend beyond the typical grooming services.

It is a top quality grooming service that ensures each pet has a unique experience. They ensure that they create a stress-free environment and tend to the pet’s every need. Miss Meow Grooming considers their services to be of the highest standard, and will do what is best for the pet.

The owner of Miss Meow states, “We ensure that your pet remains stress-free and completely relaxed during the grooming session. Our pet therapists and groomers are well-trained and will ensure that your pet is in safe hands at all times”.

She further notes, “We are dedicated to making certain that our pet groomers are given the right knowledge, tools and resources to provide outstanding grooming services. We are patients and kind and everything that your pet needs in a groomer”.

About Us
We are a leading mobile pet grooming company in Dubai, and no matter the size of your pet we are fully committed to ensuring your pet feels relaxed, comfortable and refreshed. Our goal is not just to groom your pet as part of our job, we also ensure the pet and pet owner thoroughly enjoy the experience. We offer a free consultation in which we analyze the fur and skin condition and create a personalized grooming plan for your pet. For more information, visit us on our website at http://www.missmeowgrooming.com/