Without the customers or clients, it is not possible for any business to work efficiently. That is evident from the start. But what isn’t always evident in the manner in which those essential connections are built and kept up. You presumably have a wide range of KPIs and protocols to guarantee that client messages/ emails/ calls are addressed speedily and that your solicitations arrive on time, but an era of digital age it’s very simple to forget one of the most imperative techniques for customer interaction and communication.
Also, it’s still the main strategy on which clients swing to when something genuine needs to happen Quick and fast, the last but not the least thing you need to conveyed or deliver is the disappointment of missed calls.

But the question arises how you will deliver the response to those miscalls?

Your answer is here only at MsgClub. It is the best missed call service provider India.
Missed calls are the thing of confidence. Whatever is the size of your business your customer wants you to have control over their issues. But if you fail to answer them they get irritated. So MsgClub has launched their exclusive Missed call service.

In this service, msgclub has provided one unique 10 missed call number. On which you can tell your customers that if you have any issues and want to talk with our customer care executive give us a missed call on the following 10 digits missed call number.

What happens next?

When a customer gives a missed call on the given number you will get an information about that customer and one automated SMS will be sent to that customer for example:
“thanks for using our missed call service we will connect you shortly”.

The retention rate of customers increases

With the above-given example, it is clear that we will not miss the lead as we have to get the detail of miscalling number through which we can connect with them easily. But its the matter of leads, what about your existing customer?

It is important to retain your existing customer. Again with the help of a missed call service you can get connect with them. Because there are times when our existing customer call us and we are busy on another call when they get frustrated and think that we are existing customer but how careless the year that even not connecting with us. So to solve this issue Msgclub has come up with an extraordinary missed call number through which you will be able to response to your customers quickly. In this way, the retention rate has increased.