In the world, the reality is that every girl loves sterling silver loop earrings. What most of the ladies don’t know is that there are many different designs of hoops and also the traditional single loop.

One thing is that the modern designs are giving the older designs a run for there money. Now we will look at some of the different design of sterling silver earrings(

The first one we will look at is square and misshapen silver hoops these are stylish and tend to blend well with any outfit mostly casual wear.

There is a wide range of different hoop earrings and misshapen, but you can also find silver earring which are bent and also some that the is very rough.

Sometimes they mix the sterling silver with other materials and then precious metals such as crystals and stones are added. The nowadays designers are putting out a lot of these on the market because they are the most demanded right now.

And something that has been happening for a long while now is that when a brand or a new style comes out someone copies it. That means the same trendy style you can now get for a very cheaper price.

Now we look at the designs of double and triple hoops and their attractive shape and style. These are made in various different style and some jewelers are now designing their own styles. The double and triple hoop earrings are fitted together from a small one to a large one to create a different look. More and more different sterling silver jewelry, here have the sterling silver bracelet(, rings and necklace.