The benefits of RCA Training through Six Sigma have been felt by the professionals worldwide. It allows six sigma people (a trained professional) to identify the number of problems occurring or reoccurring each year and the possibility of their recurrence.

With this in-depth study, professionals will be able to determine whether the problems have known or unknown causes and accordingly can classify them. There will be no chance of covering up the main cause so that it does not recur again in future and thereby resulting in considerable long-term improvements in the company. Root Cause Analysis or RCA through Six Sigma is loved by the companies because it results in continuous improvement. The professionals get to learn important six sigma tools like CED or Cause and Effect Diagram; CRT or Current Reality Tree; 5 Whys and 8D or 8 Disciplines. All these tools have been proved to be extremely effective in determining and analyzing the root cause of any problem.

RCA Training is helpful for people working in manufacturing and service organizations as well as process owners, managers and engineers. A high-quality and evidence-based RCA will empower them to dramatically boost their Six Sigma results. If your organization is looking for faster, more accurate and more effective solutions you will have to apply RCA. With a clearer understanding of your processes it will suggest the most appropriate path towards improved efficiency.

In many instances, it have been noticed that root cause of the problems has been nudged elsewhere, most frequently, to another process or department and as a result, the problem comes back again and again. It is important to identify the broader, multiple and (often) hidden causes of significant problems that may lead to the bigger issues in case only the symptom of a problem is addressed.

However, a 3-day course in RCA for six sigma people will let them quantify the number of problems that they have encountered in a particular year and clearly identify among them the problems that are recurring in nature. Are the causes of these problems identified and understood? If answers to these questions are known it is extremely important to develop a team that uses a structured process to solve the problem. When the problems have been defined, validated and approached in a structured manner, the most appropriate actions will be taken. And, at the same time, RCA method will lead to an appropriate solution in order to prevent recurrence of the same problem in future.

An RCA course offered by reputed institutes will be able to deliver the best training within a very short time. Starting from the basics of RCA it will introduce the participants to the advance concepts like 8D Roadmap; help in identifying problems versus the opportunities and the expose them to preventative practices that are to be adopted. You will not only be trained in using facts, evidence and assumptions but also to risk analyses tools available. Identifying the scope of human error will also be a part of your training including the process of choosing the best solution profile. With detailed exercises and case studies, you will have ample opportunities to experience real-life situations.

RCA Training for six sigma people are provided by most of the leading certification agencies.