When a child’s parents have divorced, the grandparents can fight for visitation rights if they feel it’s in their grandchild’s best interest. The state of New York allows this, and The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. helps grandparents understand all their legal options.

[HAUPPAUGE, 10/06/2018] — Divorces affect the relationship between the couple’s children and their grandparents. Once the couple decides over custody matters, the grandparents risk losing their relationship with their grandchildren if custody goes to the parent who plans to live far away. Grandparents, however, have every right to fight against losing that relationship, especially if doing so will be more beneficial to the grandchild than cutting ties.

Grandparents’ Rights

The laws of New York state allow grandparents to petition for visitation and custody rights if one or both parents die, or if divorce happens. However, they need to prove in court that getting custody of their grandchild is the best outcome. Otherwise, the grandparents may undergo mediation with the parents and discuss visitation and custody terms.

Either way, The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, P.C. offers to help grandparents in Long Island argue for their legal grandparent rights.

Evidence of animosity between a grandparent and the child’s parents may hinder the court from providing visitation rights. However, if the child wishes to establish or continue his/her relationship with the grandparents, it can help the grandparents’ case.

In case the grandparents wish to seek custody, they need to prove that custody with either parent may result in the child’s abandonment or neglect.

Legal Mediation

Grandparents need the help of a lawyer to submit their petition to the court. However, in case the law does not see enough evidence to grant the grandparent’s request, the attorney may advise for legal mediation instead. The grandparents will sit down with the divorcing couple and try to negotiate terms that allow them to continue being a part of their grandchild’s life.

Attorney Ian S. Mednick provides sound advice to his clients in cases like this, showing them their different options and which one would best suit their goals. His expertise in New York family law helps grandparents maintain their relationship with their grandchildren despite the divorce.

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