Delhi is actually making a great stride in the field of real estate by providing cost-effective housing solutions to its residents and also to individuals coming from the outer states and towns. Delhi Awas Yojna is the flagship assignment of the Multi State CGHS that came into being by way of the Multi State Cooperative Societies act of 2002. The main objective of this project is offering affordable homes to the people of Delhi. The payment plan of this project has been designed in such a way that the people from even the financially weaker sections of the society will be able to improve their chances of living in homes that they can call their own.
As per the Yojna, land that has not been granted for the purpose of construction would get back to the landowners along with the land size used for the development of units. It is the sole responsibility of the Multistate CGHS to look after the development of infrastructure, schools, hospitals and community centers. The Yojna or the Delhi Housing Scheme ensures the fact that the company that has been offered the responsibility of supervising the job of infrastructural development also takes special care in looking after the developers and seeing to whether they are offering the amenities and the facilities that have been claimed prior to the commencement of the construction. It is also worth noting that it is the sole responsibility of the supervising property development group to look after construction work and ensure that it is offered to the customers within the deadline guaranteed by the development firm.
Delhi Housing Scheme is one of the greatest projects coming with some of the best facilities and the perfect housing solution for the people of Delhi. This housing scheme has been designed under the LPP and MPD 2021 models that have been duly approved by the Ministry of Urban development.

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