Ever since Olympians and professional athletes made the tape become famous, today it is widely accepted by medical practitioners and athletes worldwide to treat and prevent injuries. The SportsTex Tape is a very thin, porous, stretchy cotton fabric that bonds to the skin to treat, prevent, and protect the body before, during, and after various injuries.
When properly applied, it will lift the skin to create increased circulation of blood, lymph, and tissue fluids which results in faster relief of muscle and joint pain. Thus, results in faster recovery from the overall injury, giving support and stability to your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion.
It is designed to mimic the human skin in both thickness and elasticity to allow a wide range of mobility and flexibility without restricting your body movements. Both medical and sport professionals use SportsTex tape for therapeutic purposes to treat and prevent musculoskeletal and sports injuries and any inflammatory conditions.
SportsTex Eco-Case
• Size: each roll 5cm x 5m ( 2” x 16.4’ )
• Composition: 97% Premium Cotton, 3% Polyurethane
• Colors: Black, Blue, Beige, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, and design patterns.
Eco-Case Bundle Box contains 1 Eco-Case (re-usable, re-windable Eco-case, our best selling dispenser case) with initial tape roll inside the case plus 5 refill rolls. You can re-use this convenient dispenser case for many times and save money by refilling with our cheaper Refill Rolls. Available in many solid colors and cool design patterns. Athletic roll tape
All SportsTex cotton Kinesiology Tapes are designed to mimic human skin to allow full range of motion to enhance your performance. Latex free, Hypo-allergenic, Water resistant(You can sweat, shower or swim with it), and can last up to 5 days if properly used.
Please read our Taping Tips section for information on how to use and prolong the tape lifespan.
SportsTex Silk Tex
• Size: 5cm x 4m ( 2” x 13.1’ )
• Colors: Beige
Silk Tex is an elastic tape stretched in all directions. Used Lycra fiber, it is very comfortable when applied around neck, back, knee. Muscle tape supplier Korea
Please read our Taping Tips section for information on how to use and prolong the tape lifespan.