Costa Teguise (Lanzarote). The Swiss hotelier Michael Müggler (50) took over the helm of the ” Camel´s Spring Club (” in Costa Teguise at the beginning of the year. Time enough, in order to recognize, which potential the resort has and which problems there are.
One of the biggest challenges at present, according to the head of the new investor group, is to lead a hotel complex whose roots and structures lie in the eighties of the last millennium to the requirements and expectations of modern tourism and to fulfil the acute wishes of the market. In a short interview, he described to us what this will look like and what design approaches the acknowledged hotel expert, who has already led the resort “Villas Kamezi” (Playa Blanca) to the top of the segment, is pursuing.

Michael Müggler (50) studied at the “ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL)” in Switzerland, which is regarded as the world’s best institution in its domain. In the course of his career, he was involved in various hotel projects throughout Europe. His goal was usually the management of hotel facilities after the successful implementation of quality assurance and change processes. In the context of this activity, he has already been able to achieve demonstrable success in the highly competitive Canary Islands market. Since 2018 Müggler is owner and operator of the “Camel Spring´s Club” on Lanzarote.
He is married to a Spanish woman and is living with his three children on Lanzarote for many years.

INTERVIEW with Michael Müggler (operating manager “Camel´s Spring Club”, Costa Teguise)

Swiss people are considered quiet and very relaxed contemporaries, but they do their work with extreme precision. How does Michael Müggler see himself? Is the cliche right?
Michael Müggler: There is already something to it. We Swiss are very precise and avoid acting too quickly and too spontaneously. That’s exactly why I looked very carefully at the processes and the people involved in my new resort “Camel´s Spring Club” before making any changes for improvement. I first wanted to understand why the number of members has been declining steadily over the past few years and why nearly no substantial action has been taken against it. Besides optimizing the structures, it is now important to find the people who support this new philosophy.

You have already taken the 4-star resort “Resort Villas Kamezi”, also here on Lanzarote, to the top of the segment, how difficult is it to successfully shape changes in the tourism industry?
Müggler: Change of ownership, shortage of skilled workers, extremely tough competition, changed leisure habits – there are only a few industries in which permanent change is as much part of everyday life as it is in the hotel industry. We must accept these changing conditions and implement the necessary change process with conviction and consistency.

What will be the greatest challenge with such a grown structure, as is the case of the “Camel´s Spring Club”?
Müggler: The biggest challenge? Well, most of the employees and some long-time guests are among the “traditionalists”. They love it when they can maintain their proven habits, everything stays the same and nothing or as little as possible changes. Preserver mentality and the power of habit on the one hand, pressure for change on the other – here we will have to make sure that there is enough space for the necessity of positive development. It is often overlooked that the changes are not an end in themselves, but have a clear goal.

Do you not also break with old traditions and an existing culture?
Müggler: As a Swiss, traditions are very important to me, but they should not be confused with outdated rituals. For me, tradition does not mean preserving the ashes, but rekindling the fire from the embers. We can build very successfully on the basis of what already exists.

What makes you so sure that your decisions will lead to this expected positive development?
Müggler: Well, as already mentioned, on the one hand my well-founded studies at one of the most renowned technical schools in that business and on the other hand my decades of experience in tourism and the hotel industry here in Lanzarote. I know the market and understand its needs quite well. In addition, I live here with my Spanish wife and my three children grow up here, so I experience Lanzarote daily as home and not only as a destination to be marketed.

Thank you very much for the enlightening conversation.