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As fashion clothing trends dominate 2018, the writing seems to be set in stone. There are incredibly stylish people and they all seem to enjoy the same style and trends, whether it is a certain type of cardigan, a particular sleeve, or a certain kind of jacket, sweater or jumper. Some styles are unforgettable and 2018 has proven that fact well.
The shirts and blouses designed by ‘From Paris to Alice’ offer a unique versatility. The collection includes the coco blouse, sensi shirt, luz shirt, roquette shirt, fambroise shirt and silk shirt that caters to a level of high-end fashion.

Jackets and coats are a trademark From Paris to Alice. The leather jacket, knitted mink coat, cashmere sweater, citrouille coat and litchi jacket have reignited the interest in slick and sophisticated coats.

Accessories are a part of fashion clothing and will complete the person wearing them. The accessory collection at ‘From Paris to Alice’ is made up of the finest and most exquisite bracelets, necklaces and pendants all set in silver, red, and gold tone.

The founder of this online fashion outlet, Alice, finds her biggest inspiration in the City of Lights. She believes fashionistas will have a liking towards her brands just as much as she does. Her fun in beauty and fashion takes her across Europe and back to fashion-loving women.
Alice notes, “I like to make a statement in all my styles. It is all about making the best use of my skills and creativity. And it is something that women of all generations and ages can enjoy”.

Alice further states, “I’m passionate about style and fashion and I want to share my love of designs with women all across the world”.

About Alice
Alice brings high fashion and fun to women everywhere. She was born in Belgium and inherited a love of fashion and clothing from her mother and aunt. She has years of experience making women feel radiant. Her own collection of clothing and accessories are unique and beautiful. She loves Paris and calls it her second home launching her brands in the City of Lights. To learn more about her inspiration behind her fashion clothing and concept, you can visit her website at