Avanta India by setting up its 4 high quality co working centres in Delhi and 1 centre in Gurgaon records a highest level of 96 % occupancy till date. UK based premium – Avanta India witnessed a 19.4% growth in occupancy in H1 2018 (1st half of 2018). Talking about the growth in revenue, Avanta Business Centre recorded a 16% growth in revenue in H1 2018 and further expected 6 per cent rise in H2 2018. However, to a matter of an achievement, it has already recorded a 5 per cent rise in revenue that too in the very first quarter of H2 2018.
Avanta Business Centre, the high quality shared work space helps MNCs, Corporates and start-ups to avail a high degree of flexibility in their work environments, in terms of locations, facilities and of course cost. Also, according to a report, there are 12-16 million seats across all the co – working spaces in India and more growth is expected in the present financial year.
Mr Nakul Mathur, Managing Director, Avanta Business Centre, said “We are highly elated to record the highest occupancy by 96 % at all our centres in Delhi and Gurgaon. Since a decade with our hard work and dedication, we have been achieving success in shared work space segment that will continue to prosper ceaselessly for long. We have already established ourselves in Delhi NCR with 4 centres in Delhi and 1 centre in Gurgaon and plan to expand our business soon in Mumbai as it is the topmost market for the high quality business centres.”