Mount Vernon, WA ( ) October 03,2018 – Veteran-owned small business Ravenox has decided to extend their support to the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command by donating 10% of proceeds from the sale of their rope and cordage products to the organization. The CEO and Founder of Ravenox, Sean Brownlee has been a Marine for over two decades and continues his service to this day.

The MARSOC Foundation works with active duty and medically retired personnel and their families, and with families of Marines who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The Foundation aims to meet the needs of Marines that are not or cannot be met by the government. This includes building resilience, supporting the reintegration of medically retired marines, and supporting their families. Founded in 2012, the MARSOC Foundation has provided over $2.75 million in support.

“We are proud to be associated with the MARSOC Foundation and do our bit for fellow Marines who have selflessly served the nation and its people,” says a spokesperson for the rope and cordage manufacturer.

Ravenox is one of the very few companies to manufacture all their products exclusively in America. “There are several ways to serve the country – keeping manufacturing in America and creating jobs for fellow Americans is an equally patriotic thing to do,” he adds.

The cotton rope manufacturing company sources the finest cotton from across the world to ensure an end product that’s not only high quality but also soft and strong. The yarns are sourced from up-cycled materials as a part of Ravenox’s environmental responsibility. All products, including ropes, cotton rope, cord locks, plastic hardware, and other cordage supplies are sold with a one-year no-risk manufacturer’s warranty.

About Ravenox:

Ravenox is a manufacturer and online supplier of rope and cordage products. They are members of the American Cordage Institute – one of the only 29 manufacturers across the world to meet their stringent standards in rope manufacturing. The Ravenox brand of cotton rope, twisted rope, cord locks, hammocks, plastic hardware, and other cordage supplies can be purchased directly or through other retailers like Amazon.

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