Boulder, CO, Aug’18 – Haiku Designs help their customers to create a home of beauty, balance, and harmony through their modern furniture collections. Their exquisite collection of eco-friendly bedroom furniture brings a unique blend of nature, style, and comfort to your home.
Haiku Designs is committed to offering eco-friendly furniture made from the high-quality products to create a space of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. In order to provide complete satisfaction, they go to an extra mile and provide a wide range of platform beds, modern bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and organic bedding of optimum standards. At Haiku Designs, they showcase unique and modern bedroom furniture that is not only attractive but nature-friendly as well.
In today’s era, where people only focus on making the furniture that is comfortable and of good quality, they are often unaware of the serious damage caused to the environment, which is due to the unsustainable forest practices. On the other hand, Haiku Designs manufacture furniture by using wood that is sustainably produced such as their lines of Bamboo hardwood furniture. Bamboo is harvested like a grass and grows often 3-4 feet per year. Other lines are made from solid Walnut wood, or Cherry wood that comes from forests that are sustainably managed insuring forest renewal for continuing generations.

Their exquisite range of eco-friendly bedroom furniture includes Raku Japanese Tatami Bed, Takuma Japanese Platform Bed, Astrid Platform Bed, Catalina Dreams Platform Bed, and much more. These beds come in various size variants as well such as Twin, Full, Queen and King size, so you can choose the bed that suits your needs and requirements. All the beds at Haiku Designs represents a unique combination of graceful minimalist design balanced with soft curves so that you can create the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom.

If you wanting to create an ideal atmosphere for peaceful relaxation for yourself and your family, then contact them at + 1-800-736-7614 and book your eco-friendly furniture today!

About the Company
Haiku Designs is an eco-friendly company that offers Modern, Asian, and Contemporary furniture designed to complement and enhance any home environment. You can buy directly online through their website with low-cost or free shipping to anywhere within the United States and Canada. If you prefer to view the products in person, you can enjoy the touch and feel of their furniture products in their retail showroom located in Boulder, Colorado.

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