New York, NY ( ) October 3, 2018 – CourseHelp911 is a US based website offering to help online students across the world compete their course and earn a degree. Students who are busy balancing work and studies and have little time to complete their homework can call this service for help. CourseHelp911 can complete all of the classwork in an online class. In a first for this industry, the company is now offering a plagiarism-free guarantee on top of a money-back policy.

“Online class tutors will write your essay, take quizzes, and work on other assignments. That’s why they’re so helpful. But not every service is worth trusting. There are a lot of services which copy content from test banks or other public resources. That, or they do not follow the correct referencing and citation guidelines set by the university. As a result, online students end up failing their class or getting expelled. To ensure students get the right help from professionals, CourseHelp911 now guarantees plagiarism free content. If students find that their content isn’t referenced or cited properly, we will refund their money,” says a spokesperson for CourseHelp911. This guarantee makes sure students paying someone to take an online class get their money’s worth.

CourseHelp911 works with world class tutors with several years of experience helping students manage their academic responsibilities. These tutors have graduated from some of the best universities in the US. CourseHelp911 offers to help with more than thirty online courses, including subjects like math, English, Spanish, Humanities, Accounting, and Engineering.

About CourseHelp911:

CourseHelp911 is an online class help website offering to complete assignments for students paying someone to take an online class.

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