New York City, NY: Gotham Glow has a firm belief that beauty should be accentuated, not covered up. The Gotham Glow tanning technicians are qualified to give you the perfect tan. With the knowledge and capability to give you the body sculpting needed to make you look your very best. Tanning technicians are able to give you that perfect sun-kissed glow; without the typical opaque, dark, or unnatural look of other spray-on tans.

With five tanning styles to choose from at Gotham Glow, you will be certain to find the perfect shade to meet your needs. There is the Signature Gotham Glow look, which gives the bride and bridal party the perfect airbrush tanned look. If you are suffering from “winter-time blues” you can come in for the Micro-Glow- this is just enough tan to give you a healthy glow and beat those blue feelings. If you are craving the maximum sun-kissed glow, using the same Gotham Glow formula, you can request the Macro-Glow. Finally, there is the Gotham Glow Express tan, you can rinse the formula off in as little as two hours or for a healthier glow leave it on for up to four hours. The longer the formula, the deeper the glow becomes.

If you are planning to get married and want you and your bridal party to look their absolute best, contact Gotham Glow at to book an appointment for you and the bridal party to get their in-salon, sun-kissed look in time for the big day.

If this is the first time for anyone in the bridal party to get an in-salon tan, it is recommended to take a look at the “helpful information” tab at . This information will prepare the first time salon tanner on what to expect.