eBay launches seller-driven campaign highlighting challenges

E-commerce platform, eBay has rolled out its seller-driven campaign ‘Export Apnao, Business Badhao’ to highlight the challenges that Indian sellers face in terms of unrealistic discounts expectations and inability to secure fair prices for their products.

The new digital ad film highlights the dilemma where an antique shop owner finds himself in such a situation when his oldest customer insists for a hefty discount on a piece of antique jewellery. Many sellers find themselves in similar scenarios where they are left with no choice but to succumb to these demands in an effort to win the business and save seller-customer relationships.

The video ends with the call-to-action for Indian sellers to join forces with eBay to grow their businesses and fulfil their aspirations to be global entrepreneurs.

Conceptualised by Clevertize, the ad film targeted at both metro and non-metro cities, the campaign aims to communicate with the prospective sellers (MSMEs and large enterprises), the various benefits of selling on eBay’s Cross Border Trade platform and draws special attention to how eBay will aid them in obtaining fair prices for their products.

Pavan Ponnappa, head – growth categories, shipping and marketing at eBay, said, “eBay India Cross Border Trade has opened a door to the opportunities available across the globe for the Indian sellers. Entrepreneurs, large and small, are reaping benefits of eBay’s platform, which handholds them to undertake transactions with buyers in 190 countries by providing them with insights on various aspects of online retail export. This campaign underlines how eBay will support sellers in getting a fair price for their products and build their business profitably by selling their products to over 182 million buyers.”

Sagar Nidavani, chief executive officer, Clevertize, said, “This integrated marketing campaign aims to strike a chord with the Indian sellers and show how easy it is to connect with more than 182 million buyers across 190 countries via eBay.”

Both PR and Advertising play different roles, but the publicity of both is valuable- PR24x7.com

Advertising is a paid space, helps a brand to introduce its products and services to the target audience, attract and influence them so that they become customers. Whereas Public Relations is a practice of creative communication. The results of Public relations can be earned through pitching and providing promotional information in the form of Press Release to media.

On the question like which has more reach; Advertising or PR? The founder of PR24x7.com, Mr. Atul Malikram says that, if you put an ad in a newspaper or magazine which has 10000 subscribers, you get only 10000 impressions, and many of them forget it soon as it is just an ad. On the other hand, you can send a press release to many newspapers, portals, magazines, radio, blogs, TV stations. Target audiences won’t deny a useful story. They share it with others too if they find it worthy.

You can’t create a buzz with advertising but with PR all you want is to create a buzz. Many Advertisements fail to convince the audience. But the audience never questions a journalist. They appreciate his little words and finds it more worthy and convincing than a full-page advertisement. They often search for a journalist’s reviews about a product or service before buying it. In other words, advertising has less credibility than the news gained by the practice of PR. As the audience knows that advertisements are bought by someone to sell his products and services.

Many businesses have a misconception about advertising and PR. They believe both terms are the same. They feel advertising is not necessary if they resort to PR or vice versa. However, one needs to understand that PR and advertising have a completely different role for one’s business and should know to utilize the best of both worlds.