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Jun 19, 2023 13:59 EDT

Expert Commentary: Juliet Gomes, Customer Success Manager at Ritani, Sheds Light on the Allure of the Esteemed Actress’s Marquise Engagement Ring

Ritani Pavé Vaulted Diamond Engagement Ring

NEW YORK, June 19, 2023 (

Ritani, a renowned diamond and engagement ring company, asked their Customer Success Manager to share insights into the stunning marquise diamond engagement ring worn by the actress Naomi Watts. Watts and her partner, Billy Crudup, recently tied the knot, making headlines with their intimate courthouse wedding in Manhattan. Watts’ engagement ring, featuring a stunning marquise-cut diamond, has captured the attention of jewelry enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

“The solitaire engagement ring boasts a remarkable 2.5-carat marquise-cut diamond, elegantly set on a pavé diamond band. Renowned engagement ring specialist Zack Stone estimates the ring’s value at approximately $50,000. The breathtaking beauty and timeless allure of the marquise-cut diamond perfectly complement Watts’ unique style and grace,” explained Juliet Gomes, Customer Success Manager at Ritani.

The marquise cut diamond holds a significant historical allure, with a noble and fascinating royal heritage. The cut gained popularity among mainstream consumers in the late 1960s and early 1970s but has been revered in aristocratic circles for centuries. Its origin can be traced back to the French Royal Court, influenced by the opulent adornments of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV, the Sun King. Legend has it that the marquise cut was inspired by King Louis XV’s chief mistress, Madame du Pompadour, whose lips were deemed the most perfect the king had ever seen. In honor of her enchanting beauty, the king commissioned a royal jeweler to create a diamond shape that mimicked the outline of her lips, giving birth to the marquise-cut diamond.

“Apart from their intriguing history, marquise-cut diamonds possess unique characteristics that set them apart from other diamond shapes. Their elongated, shallow shape creates an illusion of a larger diamond, making them an excellent choice for those seeking maximum brilliance and presence. The slender base and elevated crown of marquise-cut diamonds allow ample light to enter the stone, further enhancing its brilliance. Additionally, this diamond shape is known for its flattering effect on fingers, creating the illusion of longer and slimmer digits,” continued Gomes.

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Source: Ritani