The authors work extends far beyond the surface of his readers minds and hearts.

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Readers were inspired by Paul Delashaws book display at NYLA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show and ReadersMagnet Book Confab.

The Christian inspirational and educational book The Search for Home: Steps of Grace in John 1-4 by Paul Delashaw was featured by ReadersMagnet at the New York Library Association 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show on November 34, 2022, at the Saratoga Springs City Center at 522 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, and the ReadersMagnet Book Confab on October 2830, 2022, at 72 Warren St., Tribeca, New York.

The Search for Home is a welcome call to a more balanced spiritual life in a time when church teaching may be either superficial or unduly scholarly. Anyone who calls themselves a Christian should read this book because it will touch their heart. Christians and non-Christians can learn from the foundational nature of Johns Gospel.

Paul Delashaw, an inspiring author, encourages his readers to examine their hearts and think carefully on their journey. Through Gods grace, all people are offered a relationship with God, yet its essential to read scripture and pray daily because spiritual development takes time. There are crucial points along the way to God (such as conversion), but the road forward with Gods Son, Jesus Christ, is discovered through process. Hence The Search for Home offers a step-by-step method for spiritual growth.

This book offers a hundred interpretations of Johns gospel. In some of the readings, the reader will find narratives. Other readings are simpler and more direct in their instructional purpose. Whatever the case may be, the reader will be encouraged to keep going.

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The Search for Home: Steps of Grace in John 1-4
Author | Paul Delashaw
Genre | Christian Inspiration, Educational
Publisher | Life Rich Publishing
Published date | July 19, 2022

Paul Delashaw comes to the page as a passionate student of scripture and culture. His life experiences greet the page in full color, and his education (Stanford, Oregon Law, and Asbury Seminary) helps to bring a thoughtful and reflective lens to the issues of our time. One book is complete. Many more are to come.

As he speaks of himself: [i”To speak of my life is to bring forward a montage of images. Stories from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and beyond only provide a partial lens for my identity. Am I my fathers son? His experiences of laughter and sorrow, although they were specifically his own, somehow I carry today. Am I my mothers child? Her years of warmth and doting embrace remind me of the compassion required to be fully human. On one level, I am no more than the product of two people a generation ahead of me. They are, and they were, my parents.

Yet something more has happened in my life. I am distinctly myself, with a unique and exciting history beyond my original family. My wife and I have two daughters and two sons of our own, in that respective order, and they each have their own stories. We, as a family, now live in Iowa City, Iowa. I am working for Young Life after spending the dominant share of my life on the West Coast. Lets be clear: I didnt have to move to the midwest, nor did I have to work in the mission field, but God brought forth that frightening question, Are you going to trust me? Are you willing to risk your life sharing my love with college students? I said yes, and the shoes of Abraham have never felt better. Should I speak to my friends? Should I speak of education? Lets allow those things to come to life in my books.[/i]